Marin Med clinic and day care hospital

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  • Medical center of excellence
  • Recognized by the leading cruise companies
  • Located at Dubrovnik, the Pearl of Adriatic

Built on more than a thousand square meters on two floors, clinic is offering examinations and procedures using modern medical devices such as MRI, CT, 4D ultrasound, and has a superbly equipped operating room.

We are proud to offer medical services of renown international experts

We are announcing arrival of our specialists in different areas. You can check dates of arrivals and reserve examination by phone or by our online form.

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Marin Med Clinic – proud owner of ISO 9001:2008 certification

Iso 9001

With the goal of providing the best quality service to our customers , Marin Med Clinic initiated and successfully completed the certification process for the HRN EN ISO 9001 standard. ISO certification provides security and reliability in our service because ISO certification guarantees that all processes are monitored and constantly improved.

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