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The internal medicine carries out the most common medical issues which generally are treatments of artery hypertension, regulation of blood sugar for those suffering from diabetes and treatment of urinary tract inflammations.

Our gastroenterology clinic offers complete specialist examination of the digestive system followed by the appropriate therapy.

Our department od radiology is exceptionally well technologically equipped.
The latest medical devices operated by our excellent physicians provide for speedy, quality and reliable diagnosis.

In urology department our clinic offers complete diagnosis of urinary tract.

We conduct complete cardiological examinations and, based on medical history, a detailed clinical examination and, if required additional examinations, we provide an accurate diagnosis of disease and prescribe the appropriate therapy.

Our team of professional doctors will make you a valid diagnosis and will prescribe you adequate therapies, some of which are deemed to be revolutionary.


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Medical Treatment

Marin Med Clinic is a modern health care institution that keeps abreast of modern medical trends and provides comprehensive health services ranging from prevention and diagnosis to treatment. Speedy, high quality and complete service and an individual approach to each patient are the imperatives on which our work is based.

Physical examinations

Fast life tempo includes stress, improper diet, lack of physical activity and lack of sleep are an indispensable part of the life of modern man. If you add a number of unhealthy habits, your body is exposed to daily risk. Even if you are not in this lifestyle you’ve probably know that prevention is better than cure. In medical circles, prevention is considered the best possible cure.

Departments in the polyclinic

Orthopedics, dermatovenerology, gynecology, nuclear medicine, international spine centar, ophthalmology, pediatrics, hyperbaric chamber, surgery, neurology, gastroenterology, cardiology, ENT, plastic surgery, radiology and urology.

Qualified Doctors

Our team of international experts in the fields of cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery is available to serve the needs of our patients in the field of aesthetic surgery.


Frequently asked questions

Marin Med Clinic is situated on the first floor in Grawe Business Center at Dr. Ante Starčevića 45. It is a 15 minutes walk from Gruž harbor.

You would like to make an appointment with the visiting doctor?

Simply contact us via form , e-mail or call us. Kindly leave us your personal details, name, surname, DOB and contact telephone. As soon as we receive the date of arrival of a visiting doctor we will promptly contact you with the exact time of your appointment.

Please do not worry. We will do our upmost best to direct you to the right contact address.

Please call us and we would inform you what are the necessary requirements do carry out PEME examination.

Private insurance companies and partners we work with

Our list of partners includes the world’s leading shipping companies and Croatian insurance companies. We have earned trust with years of dedicated work in providing medical services to the guests and crews of large cruise ships. Insurance companies have chosen us as a partner for the medical examinations and treatment of their insurance policyholders.