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The privately owned Marin Med Clinic opened on June 2012 at the Grawe office building at No. 45 Ante Starčević Street in Dubrovnik. Occupying over a 1600 square metres on two floors, our clinic offers examinations and procedures using the latest medical devices such as MRI, CT, 4D ultrasound, and has a superbly equipped operating room. Comfortable accommodation at our day hospital completes the experience of a pain free clinic


Marin Med

Marin Med Clinic and Private Hospital Dubrovnik offers medical and healthcare services combining professionalism with a high degree of education of our medical experts and modern technology and all for the purpose of offering first class services to our dear patients.

Marin Med Clinic Dubrovnik offers fist class medical healthcare services in the fields of anesthesia, gastroenterology, cardiology, orthopedics, spine surgery, vascular surgery, plastic surgery, nuclear medicine, radiology, neurology, urology, gynecology, dermatology, ORL, pulmonology, ophthalmology, physical therapy and medical rehabilitation.

Marin Med Clinic philosophy is based on the individual approach to all our clients so that we can diagnose them in the most efficient way and start with the relevant medical treatment. Our team of in house experts and those visiting ones, some of who are globally recognized in their professional fields, is at the patients’ service and together with the medical staff care about your health thus efficiently and in the most possible pain free way diagnosing your health issue. Marin Med Clinic and in particular our radiology department is equipped with the modern day technology safeguarding your health.

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Professional team of domestic and foreign experts, some of them are internationally recognized in their field of work, offers fast diagnostics of your health problem by applying individual approach at all times. Marin Med Clinic’s medical staff are at your disposal 24/7 and they look after your health with up most safety.

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The University of Dubrovnik and Polyclinic Marin Med have concluded a cooperation agreement

About us – Collaboration will take place on the development of professional training according to the  plan and program of the undergraduate professional study of Nursing  and the specialist graduate professional study of Clinical Nursing. Mutual co-operation involves the use of the joint professional potential of the University of Dubrovnik and Polyclinic Marin Med, thus achieving the principles of sustainable development, social responsibility and excellence both in the local and in the wider community.
This co-operation is also the promotion of the highest moral and social standards in which both quality criteria, practicability in practice and the availability of appropriate human (scientific and professional) and material resources with the active participation in the development of the study as well as the recognizable  activities deriving from the studies in the context of cooperation in the European Union and other relevant international associations.


Technological progress and new ways of personal data processing have made it imperative for the implementation of new instruments to safeguard the rights protection and the founding liberties of individuals related to their personal data processing.

European Parliament and Council’s EU Directive 2016/679 dated from April 27, 2016 relating to an individual’s protection of personal data processing and free traffic of such data -” General Data Protection Regulations or GDPR is in direct implementation in Republic of Croatia as of May 25, 2018. The former represents an important step forward in the area of personal data protection. Furthermore, it enables a synchronized and  more uniformed approach of the controlling bodies for the protection of personal data thus enabling simple and equal protection of all EU subjects.

Marin Med Clinic has aligned its business practice with GDPR and it guarantees to its clients and business partners  legitimacy, fairness and transparency of personal data processing likewise data protection. For all your questions related to your rights and all other information relating to personal data protection, please feel free to contact our employee in charge of data protection and ask any questions about us via e-mail: hermina.jocic@marin-med.com