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Ophthalmology Dubrovnik – new center

Ophthalmology Dubrovnik – Marin Med Clinic has opened a new ophthalmology Dubrovnik center in Dubrovnik downtown office at Grawe building – 2nd floor. Our ophthalmology center is headed by our Dr. Meri Vučković Mataga, dr med ophthalmology specialist. At our center you will get a world class treatment by one of the top ophthalmologists in...


Doctors in Dubrovnik Croatia

Doctors in Dubrovnik Croatia – Marin Med Clinic & Private Hospital Dubrovnik’s English speaking doctors are among the best doctors in Dubrovnik, highly skilled professionals who are respective leaders in their medical fields and always focused on the individual approach to our patients thus providing fast and reliable diagnosis and relevant treatment. Leaders in the...

private hospital

Marin Med Clinic

You have booked your holiday to Croatia and there is a 99 per cent chance that you are to visit Dubrovnik. If need be Marin Med Clinic & private hospital Dubrovnik is at your service with a full spectrum of medical services, from prevention and diagnostics to treatment. Marin Med Clinic and private hospital Dubrovnik’s...


Back pain? Explore your treatment plans!

It is the fact that almost 80% of us have experienced a pain in the back at some point in our lives. Our lifestyle certainly does not help. We sit at our workplace during the week days and then we do extreme sports at the weekend. Every physical activity needs to be introduced gradually. Before...

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