Back pain? Explore your treatment plans!

It is the fact that almost 80% of us have experienced a pain in the back at some point in our lives. Our lifestyle certainly does not help. We sit at our workplace during the week days and then we do extreme sports at the weekend. Every physical activity needs to be introduced gradually. Before we go down the extreme sports path, we should embark on walking, swimming or cycling. It is impossible to get rid of the back pain by taking medication once or going on a single therapy.

The most important factor as with any treatment is the actual diagnostics of your back problem by using MRI technology. Once we have a diagnosis we can approach the problem with preferably minimally invasive procedures. However, this is the last resort as patient has to go for at least two months of physio therapy before opting out for a procedure. It is a common misconception that the back problems come with the age. The fact is that each age group is faced with a different type of the back problem. Discus hernia is more likely to become a medical issue with 20 – 45 year olds while someone in their 70s is likely to suffer from spinal stenosis for instance.

There are as many procedures as the types of the back problems. Someone can experience a pain in the facet joints, there are several of those on the actual spine. They would receive a powerful injection in the affected area of the joint. Younger population suffer from discus hernia and a solution to the problem could be in the form of epidural injection but whether to employ the disc fx or microdiscectomy depends on the severity of the problem and the co-operation from the patient and his or her expectations.

Dr. Darko Perović is visiting Marin Med Clinic on June 1 is a renown Croatian spine surgeon.

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