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Best plastic surgery treatments abroad

Marin Med Clinic and Private Hospital Dubrovnik offers a wide range of plastic surgery packages such as breasts enlargement, breasts lift, tummy tuck, face lift, eye lid correction at value for money prices, performed by highly qualified surgeons who are members of the world recognized associations.
Why you should choose our clinic for your plastic surgery procedure?
If you are thinking to go abroad for a plastic surgery procedure, you should be interested in the following fact. Almost 25% of all plastic surgery procedures in the European Union are performed in Croatia, Czech Republic and Slovenia. The prices of the plastic surgery treatments such as breasts enlargement, breasts lift, tummy tuck, face lift or eye lid surgery are cheaper but the quality is not compromised as Croatian Plastic surgeons are largely members of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons. Furthermore, Croatia is one of European best known holiday destinations and it has experience in organizing medical tourism packages. An added value bonus is also the fact that Croatia and in particular Dubrovnik is a destination rich in cultural heritage and it is a place of immense beauty where you can refresh yourself in a true sense of the word.
Here you can compare prices of our procedures with the ones in UK, Marin Med Montenegro..

Price ComparisonBreasts LiftTummy TuckFace LiftEye LidBreasts Enlargement
Croatiafr £2600fr £4400fr £3900fr £1900fr £3600
UKfr £5300fr £6900fr £7000fr £4000fr £6300
Italyfr $7500fr $7500fr $7000fr $3500fr $7500

Master Class of the world’s best plastic surgeons held in Marin Med Clinic

dr. mario zambelli

Marin Med Clinic and Private Hospital Dubrovnik has held Master Class of the world best plastic surgeons back in April. This master class has been moderated by one of Croatia’s best plastic surgeons, Dr Mario Zambelli who is the president of Croatian Association of Plastic Surgeons. Dr Zambelli also happens to be a member of prestigious American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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