Dubrovnik 2018 Plastic Surgery Master Class

Dubrovnik 2018 Master Class – Marin Med Clinic proudly announces:

A Master Class, a gathering of the world’s leading plastic surgeons co-organized by Polytech and Marin Med Clinic.

This Master Class workshop of a closed type will take place on April 06 and 07 at Marin Med Clinic in Dubrovnik.

The attendees of this class will discuss and monitor the operations in the operating theatre of Marin Med Clinic. The works of the best will be on display like the operational techniques of Dr. Moustapha Hamdi and that of Dr. Stefano Pompei  likewise Dr. Mario Zambelli, Marin Med Clinic’s plastic surgeon who also happens to be the  moderator of Dubrovnik 2018 Master Class.

We are honored to welcome again at this year’s Master Class, the legendary Dr. Thomas Biggs, who was a member of the surgeons’ team who has performed the first  silicone breasts implants operation back in 1962 in Houston and this renowned American plastic surgeon is considered to be the founding father of the silicone implants.

This Master Class is an opportunity for the best to learn and to exchange the experiences with the best!

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