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New ophthalmology Dubrovnik center

Marin Med Clinic has opened new ophthalmology  Dubrovnik center headed by Dr. Meri Vučković Mataga, dr med ophthalmology specialist. Marin Med’s ophthalmology department offers a wide range of services starting from preventive ophthalmology examinations to aesthetic and medically indicated interventions of periocular and ocular area: Blepharoplasty Ectropion Entropion Tumors Interventions of so called external cataract...


Get your 10% discount by visiting both the restaurant Sesame and the Marin Med Clinic in Dubrovnik

Marin Med Clinic & Private Hospital Dubrovnik and one of Dubrovnik’s finest restaurants Sesame have united their marketing forces and came up with an excellent idea. The guest visiting the Marin Med Clinic are entitled 10% discount for dining at the Sesame while those visiting  the Sesame restaurant are entitled 10% discount for visits paid to the Marin Med Clinic...

emmett technique

Emmett technique at Marin Med Clinic

Emmett technique belongs to a category of special physio-therapeutic techniques and as such it can complement any other physical or manual technique. Emmett technique is a unique form of therapy which implies the application of soft finger pressure on the specific spots of the body with a view of alleviating pain, improving blood circulation and...


ORL specialist’s services at your disposal.

Slowly we are approaching the peak of the tourist’s season in Croatia. The increasing number of holiday makers are basking in the sun and are splashing in the sea. As a result of the former, we have a large number of queries related to the blocked ears. Our renown ORL department is at your disposal...


Refresh your face with Dermafrac treatments!

Dermafrac treatments apply six different types of serums on your face giving you instantly desirable results and making you shine away. Prior to the serum application your face is thoroughly cleaned and analyzed in order to establish which type of serum would be the most suitable one for your type of face skin. So you...


Implementation of botox against excessive sweating!

We are witnessing globalization at its best and we at Marin Med Clinic and Private Hospital Dubrovnik by far are not an exception. The fact that these days the botox is used to stop excessive sweating is not strange to us or any clinic for that matter in Croatia. We all know that sweating is...

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