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excessive sweating

Excessive sweating

We are witnessing globalization at its best and we at Marin Med Clinic and Private Hospital Dubrovnik by far are not an exception. The fact that these days the botox is used to stop excessive sweating is not strange to us or any clinic for that matter in Croatia. We all know that sweating is...


Back pain? Explore your treatment plans!

It is the fact that almost 80% of us have experienced a pain in the back at some point in our lives. Our lifestyle certainly does not help. We sit at our workplace during the week days and then we do extreme sports at the weekend. Every physical activity needs to be introduced gradually. Before...

masterclass plastične kirurgije

Plastic surgery in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is by far Croatia’s star destination as hordes of visitors hurl every year to visit the magic of King’s Landing. Its main street Stradun, is frequented each summer by the world’s top celebrities. However, some 15 minutes from the Old City in Dubrovnik’s downtown, Marin Med Clinic and Private Hospital was the venue where...

lymph drainage

Indications for the application of manual lymph drainage according to dr. Vodder:

*in physical therapy: – edema occurring with hematoma, sprains with hematomas, dislocation of joints, fractures, Morbus Sudeck – post-operational edemas ( orthopedics, aesthetic and whilst scarring) – upper extremities edemas after breast amputation – rheumatic illnesses ( rheumatic fewer, chronic polyarthritis, Morbus Bechterew, arthrosis, arthropathy, gout, bursitis, periarthritis, humeroskapularis, tenovaginitis ) – people with sensitive...