The University of Dubrovnik

The University of Dubrovnik: The collaboration will take place on the development of professional training according to the plan and program of the undergraduate professional study of Nursing and the specialist graduate professional study of Clinical Nursing. Mutual cooperation involves the use of the joint professional potential of the University of Dubrovnik and Polyclinic Marin Med, thus achieving the principles of sustainable development, social responsibility, and excellence both in the local and in the wider community.

This co-operation is also the promotion of the highest moral and social standards in which both quality criteria, practicability in practice, and the availability of appropriate human (scientific and professional) and material resources with the active participation in the development of the study as well as the recognizable activities deriving from the studies in the context of cooperation in the European Union and other relevant international associations.

If you need more information from Polyclinic Marin Med Dubrovnik, feel free to reach out to us via our phone number +385 (0) 20 400 500 or to our other phone number +385 (0) 20 400 505.

Our physical address is ulica doktora Ante Starčevića, Dubrovnik 20000, Croatia.

You can also reach out to us via email

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